Recreation in the nature around Lake Lubāns


Lake Lubāns is the biggest lake in Latvia. The diverse nature of the lake itself, and the wetlands, fish ponds, meadows, forests and swamps surrounding it, provide wonderful recreational opportunities for visitors of all ages. If you are a nature lover, or just tired of civilization and want to experience the magic of silence, Lubāns is the place for you. 


Lake and the wetlands are ideal for birdwatching (236 registered species in total), and much more wildlife can be found in the adjacent forests and swamps, including beavers, elk, wild boars, roe deer, and many others. One should not forget the flora characteristic of these biotopes either. For those with a taste for the human-modified environments, the extensive lake amelioration system and the remains of the Soviet fishing plant (kombinat) offer plenty to explore.


We offer guided excursions (in Latgalian, Latvian and Russian):

· to the boardwalk-covered nature trail around the Teirumnīki bog (nature reserve);

· to the Lubāns wetlands;

· to the Īdeņa fisher village


Many different waterbodies in the area provide opportunities for fishing. The pond at the Zvejnieki house can be used upon agreement (a rowing boat is also available). Fishing on Lake Lubāns and the Rēzekne River is possible, but requires the purchase of an official fishing licence (makšķerēšanas karte). There is a possibility to participate in fishing on the lake with an experienced fisherman. 


You can also cook your catch over an open fire or arrange a barbeque in some of the fireplaces by the Zvejnieki house. A gas stove and basic kitchenware and utensils are available for use. 


For more active holiday there are possibilities to play volleyball, basketball and football. The shores of Lubāns and the paths between the fish ponds of Īdeņa also offer beautiful settings for Nordic walking (hiking poles can be rented) and bicycling (bicycle can be rented). There are also two cycling routes in the Lubāns wetlands: a route around the whole Lubāns Lake (57 km) and a short route around the Teirumnīki nature reserve (c. 5 km).


We also organise outdoor activities and active recreation days for large groups of friends or companies – contact us and we can plan together an unforgettable experience in accordance with your wishes!