Food and the Latgalian culinary heritage

In Zvejnieki, you can relax and enjoy the taste of traditional, local Latgalian meals. We are representing Latgale in the European Network of Regional Culinary heritage, characterized by dishes and products made from local fresh ingredients of known and sustainable origins.

We specialize in fresh fish, which we cook according to both traditional and our own recipes. We serve our guests with fish soups and stews prepared from the catch of the day, fried or oven-roasted perch, pike perch or carp with potatoes and other vegetables, pike or bream cutlets, stuffed pike, smoked carp, and so on. During the duck hunting season, you can taste wild duck stew, while other wild meats such as elk, roe deer and wild boar are served depending on availability and the time of year.

Much of the vegetables and greens come from our own garden, where they are ecologically grown without fertilizers and pesticides. Products of the forests and fields – berries, herbs and mushrooms – are widely used, and transformed into sauces and jams, pastries and drinks.

You can also taste the “beaver infusion” (from the castoreum), traditionally believed to improve metabolism and cure many ailments.

We can prepare lunch or dinner for two or for larger groups up to 50 people (or more). All meals and dining services must be booked in advance.